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Therapy and counselling for trauma, PTSD, and complex trauma, from a post-traumatic growth perspective, Melbourne and online world wide.

Everyone experiences trauma of one kind or another in life, although we rarely call it trauma.

In fact, people often don’t realise that many of the issues and symptoms they struggle with are the result of traumatic experiences, remembered or not.

 Trauma impacts on our lives in many different ways but you have a choice; it can either restrict you, or you can use it to grow and make you more than before.

People often hope to bounce back to normal afterwards.

 But what if you could do better than just bouncing back?

What if tough times and traumatic experiences could teach you new skills and strengths, give you new insights and self-awareness?

That’s what trauma therapy at Cultivating Confidence is all about:

Healing and growing from trauma and adversity to become more than before.

Some of the challenges trauma can leave us with include:

Troubling moods

Low self-worth

Difficulty connecting with others

Substance misuse

Over or under eating and/or exercising

Trouble sleeping

Loss of sense of identity

No direction in life

Life doesn’t make sense anymore

Hearing voices or seeing things others don’t

Feelings of fear, anxiety or hypervigilance

Difficulty setting boundaries

Not enough self-care or rest time

Sacrificing your own needs to keep the peace

Difficulty managing emotions

Loss of spiritual connection

Angry or tearful outbursts in response to small issues

Avoiding emotions like anger, disappointment, sadness

But they don’t have to be a life sentence, in fact, they can be a doorway to a more whole, more connected, and more confident you.

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Quick Info: I usually see clients in Fairfield Melbourne, online via Zoom, and over the phone, but during the COVID-19 pandemic I am only doing online and phone sessions. Sessions are 50min and $154 (GST incl) and I’m not able to offer Medicare rebated sessions. I have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. I’m currently not taking new relationship clients (couples+) but I am taking new individual clients. For full details see the Sessions page.

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