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Personal Power would have to be one of my most favourite topics; it’s complex, nuanced, and paradoxical; and once you see through the lens of power, life is never the same.

To celebrate the new edition of my Little Book of Power, I’m sharing a neat little summary page from it that lays out the types and sources of power.

If you like attempts at cramming really complex ideas onto one page, this one’s for you!!

Two things motivated the creation of this new edition.

The first edition of The Little Book of Power was a bit wordy really, and then a fantastic new book about personal power came out by one of my most favourite teachers and thinkers on the topic, Julie Diamond, and I really wanted to integrate some of that work into The Little Book of Power.

My next post on The Clog is a review of her book (Power, A Users Guide) which you could read here, but do you really need to? We all need to get better at using our personal power and that’s exactly what this very practical book is designed to help us with. I’ve read it. It’s awesome. You can get it here.

You can download the Power One-Pager here, and if you want me to talk you through it, watch the Facebook Live video I did below, all about Power!!

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