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Things that make conflict go bad

Things that make conflict go bad

Conflict is a tricky thing. It’s scary, confronting and often escalates so fast we barely know what has happened. If you’ve ever found yourself confused as to why someone got so upset or angry with you (or vice versa), read on.

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How to Remember Night-time Dreams

How to Remember Night-time Dreams

The most common advice you’ll come across about how to remember your dreams is to keep a note book and pen beside your bed and write down anything you recall as soon as you wake up. This advice is spot-on, but here are a few extra ideas…

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Understanding Inner Criticism

Psychological Freedom

Spotting Inner Criticism

Why it’s Important to be a Victim

The Difference Between Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching

Personal Power

Top Ten Dumb & Dangerous Tips for Improving Self-Confidence

Myths About Therapy (that are killing us)

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