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In-person Sessions

I no longer do in-person sessions. When the pandemic started, I was already doing about a quarter of my sessions online. Unexpectedly, I loved the forced transition to 100% online so I packed up my office and now only do online sessions.

Online doesn’t suit everyone though, so if you want to see someone in person, check out some other therapists I recommend.

Psychotherapy Sessions Online

If you haven’t tried online sessions before, you can read about the pros and cons, as I see them, here (takes you to a page on another site of mine).

For online sessions, I use the free-to-download secure meeting platform Zoom. For those who don’t like to see themselves on the screen during video calls, you can turn off the self-view in Zoom so you only see me.

I see clients on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1, 2, 4 and 5pm (Melbourne time) and I can accommodate most time zones within these working hours. You can use this world meeting planner to work out time zone differences and find times that work for you. 

What you’ll need for online sessions:

  • a modern device (computer, tablet or phone) with either a built-in or external web camera (unless you are doing audio-only sessions)
  • around 800mb of internet usage
  • a quick internet connection (4G on a phone or tablet usually works, 3G not so much)
  • a headset/earphones with microphone – background noise and echoes can make sessions quite difficult so a headset is important. You can get good enough versions from around $20 or just use a mobile phone earphone/microphone accessory and see if that’s enough.
  • Zoom software – you can download Zoom here (it’s free for you) or just wait until our first call when it will automatically download
  • a quiet, private location with enough light.

Telephone and Email Contact

For scheduling sessions and all other administrative tasks including texts, phone calls etc, I work only in office hours. So if you text or email me outside of business hours, I will respond as soon as I can in business hours.

I don’t provide a crisis service as part of my practice. If you are in crisis, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 in Australia, or a local crisis call line in your country.

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